Special Football Benefits

The Valletta FC program is full of treats for you!

Earn 1 point for every euro spent on the Card and accumulate points redeemable for a variety of Exclusive Valletta FC Merchandise

Even small amounts of points will get you valuable merchandise from the Valletta Football Club. Start collecting points right now with every purchase you make.

The more you use your Valletta FC Card, the more experiences you will enjoy such as:

Win two tickets to the Champions League Final Match
The Valletta Football Club will provide up to 4 tickets to the final of the champion league every year. Travel and entertainment will be covered by Insignia.

Be part of the Dream Team in a match against the Valletta FC
At the end of the season, a selected number of cardholders will be drafted to play a friendly match against the Valletta FC team.

Win the chance to watch Valletta FC matches from the VIP Area
Once a month, every month, 3 tickets will be provided to watch the Valletta FC games from the VIP area of the stadium.

Meet and Greet the Valletta FC players at various Events
Valletta FC will allow 3 cardholders to meet the players and club president once a month.

Get the chance to be a Coach for a Day
The Valletta FC will allow one cardholder to sit in the team bench and share the coach emotions during a match.