Rewards Terms and Conditions

Account Holder means a Cardholder in whose name the Institution maintains a Card Account;
Business Days shall mean a day when the Institution is open for business except Saturdays, and also excludes Sundays, bank holidays and public holidays in Malta;
Card or Card Program shall means the Valletta FC card program issued by the Institution,
Card Account means a personal electronic account held by the Institution for each Account Holder for the purpose of enabling the Institution to charge to the said account the amounts of all transactions made by the Cardholder of the Supplementary Cardholder, as the case may be with the Card issued to the Account Holder;
Cardholder means any person or entity authorised to use any of the Cards;
Cardholder Agreement shall mean the agreement entered into by and between the Institution and the Cardholder for the use of the Cards;
Eligible Spending means purchases by Cardholders of goods or services from Merchants participating in a Valletta FC Card Rewards Program and which are not returned or refunded. For the avoidance of doubt, the following shall not be considered Eligible Spending: (a) interest or any other charges added to the statements received by Cardholders; (b) cash advances, including foreign money and travelers cheques purchases; and (c) ATM transactions and (d) any and all fees including but not limited to the Valletta FC Rewards Program fee.
Enrollment Date means the day when the Institution completes the processing of the enrollment of the Card of the relevant Cardholder in the Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program or the day when the Card of a relevant Cardholder is activated, whichever is the latest;
Institution shall means Insignia Cards Limited, a company registered and existing under the Laws of Malta, bearing Company registration C 54426 and having its registered address at Level 11, Portomaso Tower, Portomaso, St Julians Malta and its mailing address at PO  Box 43 St Julians Branch St Julians STJ 1000
Merchants shall mean any seller which entered into a Rewards Merchant Participation Agreement;
Personnel shall mean the personnel employed by the Institution;
Points means points that are awarded by the Institution to a Cardholder under the Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program;
Reward Booklet means the booklet issued by the Institution and downloadable from the Website containing a list of the Rewards Items, as the same may be amended, updated ,replaced or removed from time to time;
Rewards Items means goods or services which may be redeemed by the Cardholders from the Merchants in exchange for Points;
Supplementary Cardholder means a third party whose transactions are charged to the Card Account of the relevant Cardholder;
Website shall mean
Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program  means the program whereby the Institution awards Points under the program on the amount of Eligible Spending on the relevant card; Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program Fee  shall mean the fee which may be payable with respect to the Valletta FC Visa Rewards Program;
Rewards Merchant Participation Agreement means the agreement entered into between the Institution and a seller whereby the seller allows enabling Cardholders to redeem the Points; 
  1. Valletta FC Card Rewards Program:
1.1 The Institution has implemented the Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program whereby the Institution awards a Cardholder Points on the amount of Eligible Spending on the relevant Card.
1.2 These terms and conditions form the agreement (the ‘Agreement’) between each Account Holder that participates in the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program and the Institution and its participating affiliates and subsidiaries.
  1. Membership
2.1 Membership to the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program is open only to Account Holders who are 18 years old or over.
2.2 Cardholders shall be automatically enrolled in the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program, against a fee or at no additional cost, as determined by the Institution from time to time.
2.3 The annual Valletta FC Card Rewards Program Fee, when applicable, will be billed to the Card Account on a yearly basis, on the anniversary of the relevant Card’s Enrollment Date. Such Fee is non-refundable.
2.4 The Institution reserves the right to cancel/suspend enrollment in the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program if (a) any of the Cards owned by Cardholder have been used for any unlawful or illicit purpose;  (b) the Cardholder is, in the Institution’s reasonable opinion responsible for any fraud, misrepresentation or similar activity that is not contemplated in the Card Program, (c) the Cardholder is  in breach of, or has not observed, any of the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement; or (d) any amounts due by the Cardholder with respect to the Cards are not duly paid by the Cardholder.
2.5 Account Holders earn Points on the amount debited to their Card in Euro for all Eligible Spending, whether such Eligible Spending has been made by the Cardholder or a Supplementary Cardholder. Every one (1) in Euro (including VAT) spent in Eligible Spending shall entitle the Account Holder to one Point. The Points collected by the Account Holder will be shown on the monthly statements provided to the Account Holder
2.6 Points earned are based on the net retail purchase transaction volume (i.e., Eligible Spending less chargebacks, credits, voided transactions, returns and adjustments) charged to the Card during each periodic billing cycle (the Billing Cycle) by the Cardholder. Net purchases are rounded up to the next Euro and are subject to verification. If a transaction is subject to a billing dispute, the related Points of the transaction will be deducted from the point total during the dispute period. If the transaction is reinstated, Points will be reinstated.
  1. Monthly statements
3.1 The following information in relation to the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program will appear on each statement issued in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement:
  1. The total number of Points brought forward from the previous statement;
  2. The total number of Points earned during the statement month;
  3. The total number of Points redeemed during the statement month;
  4. The total number of Points expired
  5. The total number of Points removed; and
  6. The total number of Points closing balance.
  1. Life of Points
4.1 Eligibility to receive Points will commence from or the Enrollment Date of the relevant Card,
4.2 Points are valid for up to two years from the date on which they are first shown on the Cardholder’s statement. After that, expired points will be deducted monthly on a first earned, first out basis
  1. Annual Fees
5.1 Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program, if applicable is nonrefundable and will be billed to the card holder account on the Enrolment Date and subsequently on each anniversary of the Enrolment Date.
  1. Redemption of Points:
6.1 Points may only be redeemed after they are shown on the monthly statement sent to the Cardholder; PROVIDED HOWEVER THAT in any event, Points can only be redeemed after 3 months from the Enrollment Date of the relevant Card.
6.2 Redemption will occur by deducting Points earned in a chronological order, in a way that earliest accumulated Points will be redeemed first.
  1. Mode of Redemption:
7.1  A Cardholder may redeem Points in exchange for Rewards Items by calling the Institution on 356 2570 9333 and informing the Personnel which Rewards Items listed in Valletta FC Card Rewards Program applicable to the Cardholder he would like to receive in exchange for Points.
7.2 The Institution is not responsible for providing the Reward item. The Reward item will be provided directly by the relevant Merchant as stated in the Reward Booklet.
7.3 The Institution does not guarantee the availability of a particular Reward item. All Reward items are only available until stock lasts or during the time periods described in the Rewards Booklet or the Website.
7.4 The Institution reserves the right to substitute a Reward item with a different item whether such item is similar to, an updated model of, and/or equal or greater value to the replaced Rewards item. The Institution may also remove certain Reward Items altogether and may replace or remove certain sections within any Rewards Booklet, literature or website.
7.5The Personnel, after confirming the identity of the Cardholder will verify the number of Points held by the Cardholder and will provide the name of the Merchant who will be contacting them for the purpose of supplying or delivering the chosen Rewards Item in exchange of the redeemed Points (the “Redeeming Merchant”).
7.6 If a Rewards Item that has been chosen by the Cardholder is out of stock or no longer available, either the Personnel or the Merchant, as relevant, will inform the Cardholder accordingly and another Rewards Item of at least equivalent value will be offered.
7.7 Pickup and delivery of Reward Items shall be agreed upon between the Cardholder and the Redeeming Merchant.
7.8 Any and all complaints in relation to the Rewards Items to be and/or redeemed by the Cardholder shall be addressed to and dealt with by the Merchant 
790 The Institution accepts no responsibility for any Reward item including but not limited to its availability, delivery, use or warranty and the Institution will not respond or be liable for any claims from the Cardholders for any such matters including but not limited to defective items unsatisfactory service provided by the Merchant. The Merchant is and shall be fully responsible for the Rewards Items provided to the Cardholder pursuant to this Agreement.
7.10 All Rewards redeemed in exchange for Points shall have the appropriate warranties according to law and any other commercial warranties specifically offered by the Merchant.
7.11 If the Cardholder chooses to redeem Points by choosing vouchers offered by a Merchant, the Institution shall contact the Merchant within two (2) Business Day from the receipt of the Cardholder’s request. The Institution shall issue the Cardholder with a voucher which shall bear a serial number pre-established between the Parties. The serial number will be communicated to the Merchant by the Institution and when the Cardholder visits any of the Merchant’s outlet to redeem the voucher, the Cardholder must present he voucher and the Merchant will ensure that the serial number forwarded by the Institution matches the number on the voucher presented by the Cardholder.
7.12 Points may not be redeemed for cash or offset against the Cardholder’s obligations towards the Institution.
7.13 The Institution will deduct the Points redeemed from the total Points and the resulting total, including any further Points earned by the Cardholder, will be shown in the next monthly Card statement.
  1. Variation of these Terms and Conditions
8.1 The Institution reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, procedures, conditions, benefits and/or terminate the Valletta FC Card Rewards Program, at its sole discretion, at any time by giving the Cardholders at least 30 days’ notice, which changes or notifications shall be posted on
8.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Institution may make changes that affect, but are not limited to, this Agreement, rules of eligibility, the method of/for the redemption of Points, the rules and procedures for the continued availability of Valletta FC Card Reward Program, and the features of special offers.
8.3The Cardholder shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as amended if the Cardholder does not terminate his Cardholder Agreement with the Institution within 30 days from the date of said notice.
8.4 The Cardholder must redeem any outstanding points within the 30 day notice period. The Institution reserves the right to cancel any points after expiry of the 30 day expiry.
  1. General:
9.1 If the payment is overdue a Cardholder will forfeit any Points earned for that particular statement period forfeited.
9.2 The Institution reserves the right to deduct any or all Points earned by Cardholder if the Card Account exceeds the credit limit or payment is overdue by more than 30 days from the due date indicated on the Statement. If the Cardholder regularizes his/her position, the Cardholder will be again eligible to earn points. Any Points lost or deducted during the Period when the Card Account was not in good standing will not be refunded
9.3 Should a Cardholder not use his card in transaction for more than 6 consecutive calendar months, the Institution reserves the right to cancel membership in the Valletta FC Visa Card Rewards Program and all accumulated Points shall be forfeited.
9.4 Points are not the property of the Cardholder, and may not be bought, sold or transferred in any way.
9.5 Discrepancies about Points’ earnings are not treated as Card billing disputed and the Institution’s decisions regarding Points’ discrepancies shall be final save in respect of manifest error.
9.6 The Cardholder acknowledges that the Institution shall have no control and is not responsible for the content of, or claims made on websites of any Merchants.
  1. Queries
10.1 Queries or complaints regarding any transaction carried out with the Card or the Points should be discussed with the Personnel by calling on 356 2570 9333 or emailing Complaints may also be lodged with the Consumer Complaints Manager established under the Malta Financial Services Authority Act.
  1. Governing Law &Jurisdiction
11.1        This Agreement may not be assigned or transferred by a Cardholder without the prior written consent of the Institution.  The Institution may assign this without the prior written consent of the Cardholder.
11.2        This Agreement is binding upon and inures only to the benefit of the parties hereto, their respective successors and permitted assigns and no third party has any rights hereunder.
11.3        This Agreement including the recitals, Schedules and any exhibits attached hereto, constitutes the entire understanding of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.
11.4        The Institution shall not be liable to a Cardholder for any losses resulting from or arising out of a cause or event of Force Majeure. “Force Majeure Event” shall mean any cause or event preventing the Institution from performing any or all of its obligations which arises from or is attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond the reasonable control of such party including, for example, failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, introduction of new laws or regulations and related compliance, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood or storm.
11.5        All notices to a Cardholder shall be deemed to be served if included on the Website.
11.6        The Cardholder agrees to indemnify and the Institution, Merchants and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any THIRD PARTY due to or arising in any way out of: (i) the Cardholder’s participation in the YES Rewards Program, (ii) any violation of this agreement by the Cardholder, (iii) the violation, infringement or misappropriation by the Cardholder of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity,
11.7        This agreement does not give the Cardholder any rights in/to the Institution’s name, logo, trademarks, trade names, services marks or other similar proprietary designation marks, including the YES logo. No use may be made of the Institution’s marks, including the YES logo, without the Institution’s prior written consent.
11.8        This Agreement is governed by and will be construed according to the laws of Malta. Both parties have the right to seek injunctive relief under this Agreement at the Maltese Courts on the merits to preserve the status quo pending final decision of the Courts of Malta. Furthermore, for an undisputed debt which is overdue, either party is entitled to apply to the Maltese Courts for an order to pay.