Auberge de Castille
Designed by Girolamo Cassar but later remodelled under Grand Master di Pinto, Auberge de Castille, situated in Castille Place, is one of the finest architectural works in Malta, as evidenced by its spectacular façade.

Finely proportioned and strictly symmetrical, the building was badly damaged during World War II but was later carefully restored. The building now houses the office of the Prime Minister.

Auberge d'Italie
Originally designed by Girolamo Cassar, the building in Merchants Street, which is built around an arcaded courtyard, was considerably altered in the 17th century.

Auberge de Provence
Construction of this Auberge in Republic Street started in 1571. The size of the building is deceptive, since it is subtly hidden in the decoration of the façade.
It now houses the National Archaeology Museum with many fine examples of pottery, figurines, and original carved stones from various prehistoric temples.

Auberge de Baviere
Built in 1629 as a private house in St Sebastian Street, it was subsequently purchased for the newly instituted Anglo-Bavarian langue in 1784.

It has served as an army officers' mess, a school and a ministry.

Auberge d'Aragon
Situated in Independence Square, this is the oldest of the seven Auberges built by Girolamo Cassar, and one of only two which have survived in their original condition. Though externally plain, it contains fine Renaissance rooms.

The building also housed the Prime Minister's residence and still contains the historic table on which Malta’s independence was drafted out.