Victor Sciriha Statistics Published on: 17-06-2021

Victor Sciriha Valletta FC

Victor Sciriha joined Valletta Football Club during season 2007-08. These are some statistics from season 2007-08 till season 2020-21. 
Victor Sciriha stepped down from his role as Valletta FC President on Monday 14th June 2021. The resignation’s announcement came during the club’s annual general meeting.

Statistics by Victor Spiteri.


7 Premier League
3 FA Trophy
7 Super Cup
3 Euro Challenge Cup
1 National League 100 Anniversary Cup
1 Bet Fair Cup vs Juventus
2 Mare Blu Cup
2 Gozo Cup

Victor Sciriha Valletta FC

522 Matches

403 Premier League
20 Euro Challenge Cup
47 FA Trophy
2 Malta Christmas Cup
2 Mare Blu Cup
100 National League 100 Anniversary Cup
7 Super Cup
22 UEFA Champions League
14 Europa League

178 Players Registered

Victor Sciriha Valletta FC