Name: Pierre
Surname: Sammut
Role: Club Doctor
Date of Birth: 12th November 1966
Nationality: Maltese
Joined Valletta: 1998

Now in his fourteenth full season with Valletta F.C., Pierre provides high-level medical expertise for the squad – and is on hand at all fixtures involving Jesmond Zerafa’s team.

Pierre joined Valletta FC during the nineties at the time when the Citizens won three consecutive championships. He also formed part of the technical staff when Valletta F.C. won the six Cups in season 2000/01 and also the championship in 2007/08 and in season 2010/11. He was also present during the Centenary Cup (200), Bet Fair Cup (2008) and the National League 100 Anniversary Cup in (2009/10).

He also traveled with the squad during UEFA Champions League matches, Europa League and Intertoto matches. 

Pierre is a widely-appreciated member of staff; he can often be seen on the pitch too during matches, tending to players when necessary.