Valletta to host B36 FC Torshavn on Tuesday Published on: 27-06-2016

Valletta to host B36 FC Torshavn on Tuesday

Valletta FC Coach Paul Zammit started the press conference by thanking those present for the press conference. The Citizens mentor contined by saying that participation in UEFA matches for Maltese clubs is important. He pointed out that every season clubs have difficulties during the preparation of the squad for these matches. 
Coach Paul Zammit said that Valletta FC started this project last season, building a competitive squad and will continue building the squad through the years, only a few changes will be added to the squad, two foreigners Leandro Aiguille and Santiago Malano together with the inclusion of international defender Steve Borg, who is not available for tomorrow’s match will be added with last year’s squad.
Zammit said that when Valletta FC signed Steve the club knew that Steve was returning from Cyprus with an injury, Steve is doing a rehabilitation programme and it was decided that Steve will skip tomorrow’s match.
The Maltese Champions coach continued by saying that he is satisfied with the preparation made for tomorrow’s match, the squad returned back to training on 26th May following an intensive League. 

Valletta to host B36 FC Torshavn on Tuesday
Paul Zammit stressed out that Valletta’s success is credited to the administration and also work and dedication from the players. B36 FC Torshavn have already played 16 matches in the league, they are currently in the 4th place.
Coach Zammit said that the players will make everything possible in order to move to the next round.
Zammit believes that the squad had a good preparation for tomorrow’s match, he stressed out that although there is a difference between the two teams, Maltese teams must be prepared for these type of matches in order to move to the second round.
International goalkeeper Henry Bonello said that the players are fully concentrated and prepared to try to win the home and away match.
Vice President Paul Spiteri ended by saying that the club is aiming to make it to the next round and urged supporters to attend and support the team.
Tickets for tomorrow’s match against B36 FC Torshavn will be on sale from Valletta FC Club premises and also from L-Amerikan in Republic Street Valletta during the morning and during the afternoon from the Hibs Stadium before the match.