UEFA Europa League Valletta FC face S.S. Folgore Falciano Published on: 19-06-2017

Valletta FC were drawn against S.S. Folgore Falciano of San Marino in the first qualifying round of the Europa League. Valletta FC will play the first leg home on the 29th June while the second leg will be played on the 6th July.
The Folgore / Falciano Sports Company is a Sammarinese football company headquartered in the Falciano cure of the Serravalle Castle. The club was founded in 1972, it was San Marino's first team to take part in the UEFA Cup preliminaries in 2001, facing Basel and losing 5-1 in the home and 7-0 out of the way with the only historical network marked by Alessandro Zanotti .
The Falciano team managed to center the championship final with La Fiorita losing 2-0 in 2013-14 under the guidance of coach Nicola Berardi,  During the final Folgore lost  1-2 home  and 3-0 in that of Podgorica.
During the following year in 2014-15, Folgore won both the Titan Cup and the championship.