Terrence Scerri fined 1000 Euros for FA Trophy final incident Published on: 23-02-2012

Valletta player Terence Scerri was today conditionally discharged for three years and fined €1,000 after a court convicted him of incitement and violating public order during an incident following the Valletta-Floriana FA Trophy final clash.

Scerri had originally been accused of trying to seriously injure Floriana player Christian Cassar, slightly injuring him and relapsing. TV footage had shown him stamping Cassar as he lay on the ground.

However, the court noted that Cassar had withdrawn his criminal complaint against Scerri and forgiven him.

The MFA had earlier banned Scerri from going to a football ground anywhere on the Maltese islands for a year a further five FA Trophy matches.

Defence lawyers Michael and Lucio Schriha submitted to the court that Terence Scerri had already been banned from going to a football ground and had been banned by the MFA for 13 games. He had also lost opportunities to play abroad, when his only means of income was football.

Source: Times of Malta