Preview: 6th Match vs Hibernians Published on: 29-09-2012

After meeting Hibernians about 6 weeks ago in a trashing win of the BOV Super Cup Final, we will be meeting the Peacocks for the first league match tomorrow.

Although in my opinion, the comparison between us and Hibernians is more on our favour, this game should be one of the biggest of the first round.
As we are all aware Hibs has to do this game without two key players in their team. Goalkeeper Mario Muscat and Diaz will be watching their team from the tribune, due to a one game suspension which they got from their last encounter against Balzan Youths. Although these two are key players, the ones who will take their place will surely do their best to show their coach that they can contribute to the team as well.
Jason Vandelannoite and Udo Nwoko can be on Micheal Wood's starting line up tomorrow, as well their young Goalkeeper Daniel Balzan will be monitoring the Hibs goal.

Our coach has to do without the injured, Ricardo Rocha which is still recovering from a knee injury and Ian Azzoppardi which was diagnosed with an adductor infection.
All other players are fit and looking forward to this game. During the whole week one could see the great serenity that is surrounding our clan and the motivation that our players have for this direct encounter. Although football is unpredictable, we are so optimistic to bring home with us another great result.

Tomorrow we will be having another full squad...... All our supporters will be there again on the LIONS STAIRS. I hope that from tomorrow on, we will be hearing more of those chants that makes our players take the sixth gear and continue running till the end. I hope that tomorrow we will have one of the nicest choreography of the season and hope that all of you will enjoy an afternoon of good football and a winning result.