Preview: 31st Match vs Floriana Published on: 04-05-2012

The game before last, the derby against Floriana.

Now that we are already champions for the 2st time in the club's history, with two more games to be played, this game is off the most importance for us for the simple reason that the derby against Floriana is a must for us all.

Floriana are seeking to secure their third place, so tomorrow we will be expecting a tough game although derbies are always tough. We need to continue convincing and we cannot slack down after winning the league especially in this game which means a lot to the club and our supporters.

Our Coach will be having all the squad available for this derby game. Although we are not expecting any drastic changes in the starting lineup, coach Jesmond will surely make some cosmetic changes and than we see the flow of the game to put on some players that did not have the time to play all around the season.

You, our supporters, will be there to support us yet again. We all will be waiting to hear your chants and make us feel the best.... Remember that we together are the only White army and the Maltese Champions.