Preview: 27th Match vs Hibs Published on: 29-03-2013

Tomorrow will be the day of a turbulent season. Although another five games have to be played till the end, tomorrow's game should be vital for us to stay in the run to win the championship.

I decided that today's preview should be short and sweet. In my opinion I should be here writing this preview with already a foot and a half on the number one podium, but unfortunately I am not. As we all know without three points from this game tomorrow, we will be even struggling and jeopardising even our place in Europe. This situation is unacceptable and if it happens, we would have been failed from A to Z. This is a situation that no one wants to pass trough and we as a team will do our best not to let this happen.

On the other side, I really understand the feeling that each and any supporter has right now. I understand that you supporters are angry, feeling down and without appetite for what had happened during this season. I must admit that this season until now was nothing more than a failure. Beside all the negative situations that we are passing trough, we must try to look at the positive things that might fall around us. Maybe you will count me as insane, but I believe that if tomorrow we bring home nothing less than 3 points, it will be more easy that our opponents loose points than us failing to win.