Preview 21st Match vs Balzan Y. Published on: 16-02-2012

Today we will be facing again this year's newly promoted Balzan Youths. In our first encounter with Balzan which was played on 4th November 2011, we won the match with a two goal margin. Although on that day we did not have the finest game from all, but as we all know, in the game of football the team who scores in most games win. Ironically we will be facing the latter on the same pitch that we played on the first round, meaning that today we play again in the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun. The size of the Victor Tedesco Stadium is surely an advantage to our opponent as the Youths will close all the spaces for us.

To be honest we will not be happy if we won't bring home the full three points that this game offers. I know that this should be a tricky game as Balzan will surely be tactically organized and will not be an easy job to penetrate them. Positively we are playing nice football and in our last performances we showed everyone that we are the only team to beat.

This week's training was reigned by serenity and positives' and this feeling gives us more strength to continue doing well and beat all those who confront us. All squad is available to our coaches and for this match we will welcome our new signed striker from Latvia Alexandrs Cecklujevs. One must say too that Balzan will be lacking three important players these are Jamie Pace who seems not to be at his 100% and the two other players, Clifton Ciantar and the foreign midfielder both are ruled out for suspension.

At last but not least, we will not be lacking of your support. You give us most of the strength during our games, you that cheer us through all the 90 minutes with your chants, you that make us work harder to see you happy, you that never stop supporting us. YOU THE ONE AND ONLY ARMY IN MALTA....... Our beloved supporters......

Up the whites.