Presentation of Aleksandars Cekulajevs Published on: 26-02-2012

Club President Mr. Victor Sciriha started by thanking director general Antonio Esposito for sponsoring the striker and also as for being instrumental in this signing. 

Aleksandrs Čekulajevs is a prolific goal scorer, scoring 46 goals in 35 matches for FC Narva Trans in Estonia last year. In 2007, he scored 51 goals in 30 matches for FK Auda Riga in Latvia.

26-year old Aleksandars started his career with FK Riga before moving to FK Auda. He then played for FK-Nachod Destne in the Czech Republic, FK Jurmala in Latvia and FC Víkingur Ólafsvík in Iceland.

When asked why he joined Valletta F.C., Čekulajevs said he opted to join Valletta as it is one of the top clubs in Malta. He said that in his opinion, football in Malta compares well with that in other countries where he has played before. 

Director General Antonio Esposito started by saying that before he came to Malta, he only knew something about local football through the national team and also described the level of football as not that bad although it could not be compared to the top European countries. He said that the level of the team could be compared to that of Italian Serie A clubs who are struggling to avoid relegation. 

Antonio Esposito said that now that he is following closely the local game it was clear that Valletta had something more than the rest of the clubs, even by considering the number of national team players in squad. 

Esposito also stated that if necessary, the team would be strengthened further before the club’s European commitments in consultation with the club’s technical staff.

Valletta F.C. vice-president Alexander Fenech said that the club is adopting a more professional approach by the help of Antonio Esposito. Last week the club engaged a physical trainer and this was another important step in strengthening the club’s structure.

Victor Sciriha mentioned the project of the Valletta stadium in Ħal-Farruġ and revealed that club officials will be meeting top MFA officials early in March to discuss any help that can be given by the association to Valletta F.C. 

Sciriha ended by saying that the club could finally achieve its objectives by working hard and it is of utmost importance that everyone keeps their feet on the ground.