Jean Borg eye further improvement Published on: 16-11-2018

Jean Borg is hopeful of establishing himself at international level as the Malta U-21 team look to build on his positive ending to his UEFA qualifying campaign with two friendlies in the space of three days in Albania.
Jean Borg starts his preparations for next year's UEFA qualifiers when he will face the Albanians at the Niko Dovana Stadium in Durres this evening (kick-off: 7pm).
The Malta contingent will then move to Shkodër for the second friendly international against
Albania at the Loro Boriçi Stadium,on Monday.
Valletta defender Borg is relishing this experience, notwithstanding his short spell at senior
level earlier this year.
He believes the step forward came too early and for the time being he’s determined to show his
worth at U-21 level.
“Playing at senior level was a great experience nevertheless I don’t believe I was ready for it and now I’m just looking to improve my game. As one of the established players in this team
my goal is to help the newcomers settle down quickly,” Borg said.
“I’m grateful to coach Silvio Vella for giving me this opportunity and I’m determined to keep working hard to maintain this momentum and help the team build on the last two positive
results obtained last month.”
On the eve of the today’s friendly in Durres, the Malta U-21 team was involved in some activation drills following a tiring latenight trip that brought the team in Albania.
Following the promotion of a number of key players to the senior team, it’s a fresh start for this Malta U-21 who is made up of several newcomers who are using this trip in Albania to try and impress coach Vella prior to the start of a new competition early next year.
“All the players we have brought here in Albania have the opportunity to shine,” Vella said.
“There are other players who didn’t make this trip but the door is open for everyone.
“In the last competition we used in total 33 players, hence the opportunity is there for everyone.
It’s a matter of how much playing time they have with their respective clubs and the willingness to keep improving and raise the standards in their game.”