Interview Drasco Braunovic Published on: 07-02-2012

Interview by Andrew Grima, Statistics by Victor Spiteri, Photos - Archives.

We are happy to publish an exclusive interview with ex-Valletta F.C. midfielder Drasco Braunovic.

Drasko Braunovic was born on December 20, 1966. He started his football career with Bokelj F.C., a football club based in Kotor Jugoslavia in the Montenegro league. His first football coach was Berislav Beri Brguljan, a former player of Bokelj F.C. At that time, Yugoslavia had a very strong league and in 1986 Bokelj F.C. entered the second division in the Yugoslavia league.

Drasko played until 1991 with Bokelji F.C. and then moved to FK Mogren, who were playing in the Premiere division. Braunovic stayed with FK Morgen until 1993, making  a total of 200 appearances in the Yugoslavia league.

In season 1993-94 he joined Rabat Ajax and in 1996 Drasko joined Valletta FC. In a career spanning over 3 years, Drasko won 3 Championships (1996-97, 1998-99, 1998-99), he won twice the  FA Trophy (1996-97, 1998-99), 3 times the Rothmans Super Cup (1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99).

In 1996-97, 1997-98 he also won the Lowenbrau Cup twice and the Super Five Lottery Tournament in (1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99). During his stay with Valletta FC Drasko made a total of 103 appearances for the Citizens.

In 1999 Drasko left Valletta FC and joined Birkirkara FC. During his stay with Birkirkara FC he won the Championship in 1999-2000.

(Q) Name and Surname?
Drasko Braunovic

(Q) How old are you ?
45 years old (20.12.1966)

(Q) Do you still play football ?

(Q) Why did you choose Malta?
I arrived in Malta by an invitation from Mr. Edward Cachia from Rabat

(Q) In which seasons did you play for Valletta F.C.?
I played in season 1996/97 1997/98 1998/99

(Q) What position did you play with Valletta F.C.?
Right full back

(Q) Did you win any honors while you were in Malta?
Yes, I won 1995 Is-Samaritani Super Trophy with Rabat Ajax,
With Valletta I won the Leauge  1996/97 ,1997/98 , 1998/99

1996/97 ,1997/98  I won  Rothmans Trophy
1996/97 ,1997/98 , 1998/99 I won Super Cup
1996/97 ,1997/98 I won Lowenbrau Cup
1996/97 ,1997/98 I won Super Five Lottery competition
1999/2000 I won League with Birkirkara

(Q) Who were the club coaches when you played with Valletta FC ?
I played under coach Edward Aquilina

(Q) Can you please tell us about these coaches and technical staff?
Mr. Edward Aquilina was my coach and the most deserving person of my arrival to Valleta. His desire for my arrival met the Chairman and my very good friend thosedays Mr. Joe Crauana Curan, Mr Paul Spiteri, Sergio Zampa and the late Benny Pace.

(Q) Did you enjoy playing with Valletta FC?
I must admit those were the most beautiful moments in my football career.

(Q) Which is the most remarkable goal you scored with Valletta F.C.?
I scored a few goals and I do not even know how much, but the most remarkable goal was against Hamrun Spartans in the first round of the season 1997/98 and that was the opening of the season to become champions.

(Q) Did you see any difference when you joined Birkirkara?
Of course there was a big difference between these two teams and it seems to me that the difference is still there. Valletta is still a team with better organization and greater tradition than Birkirkara, but that year Birkirkara had a good team and we managed to win the championship for the first time in the history of the club.

(Q) Tell us about the remarkable decider against Birkirkara in 1998, how did it feel when you won the Championship?
It was one of the best and the most dramatic games I have played for 9 years in Malta. We only needed the victory to win the championship and thank to my team mates we did it. After the final whistle, the feeling was something that you can not describe, the adrenalin, the mixed emotions and the tears and the happiness that we won the championship again.

(Q) Are you still following Valletta F.C. today?
Yes of course, on the internet and through the Valletta website.

(Q) Even today Supporters still mention that you were one of the great foreigners ever signed by Valletta F.C. what are your comments?
I thank the fans who truly loved and supported me all the time and also my team mates.

(Q) What are your comments towards all Valletta fans?
You are the best…….

(Q) Do you think you and your family will come back to visit Malta and maybe watch Valletta play again?
During the end of my career I have often visited Malta and I have watched all the matches Valletta played during my staying there. Of course I am going to do that always when I come there.
And finally my dream is to wear Valletta gear and play with my former teammates again.