Insignia to Strengthen its Relationship with Football in Malta Published on: 30-04-2014

After one year sponsoring the Valletta FC, Insignia wish to publicly congratulate the team for winning the Premier League. Insignia, as Valletta FC’s main sponsor, are extremely proud of their relationship with Valletta FC and to have been the sponsor of the winning team enabling them to achieve their goal. 
Insignia truly believe that sponsorship and sports management can upgrade the level of all sports and football in Malta. With so many clubs and so much passion in local football, this would be the ideal formula for the Maltese Islands. 
Insignia is extremely happy to be a part of the joy and celebration during the past days and are looking forward to the possibility of Valletta FC winning a double championship – the League and FA Trophy Cup win. 
Rafael Carrascosa, CEO of Insignia Global Card Business comments, “The new government measures, being implemented will bring bigger foreign investment and entrepreneurs to Malta, which eventually will have an influence in all aspects of Maltese life including the sports scene. Football will be an attractive way for businessmen and companies to participate and show their support.”
Insignia has plans for further involvement and support of the sports scene in Malta. Going beyond football, Insignia’s brand - YES Money, along with their partner is participating in sponsoring the Malta National Rugby team. The company’s Board of Directors, management team and all staff are extremely happy with the results so far and will be planning more activities in the near future. 
Mr. Carrascosa, with the full support of Insignia Global, goes on to comment “a winning team sponsored by a winning company, can only produce positive results, bringing further joy to the community”,  while congratulating the team on their recent success.  Insignia offers full support in lieu of the upcoming FA Trophy Cup Championship game.