Insignia and Valletta FC Proudly Partners Again Published on: 17-09-2015

Insignia Cards Ltd. and Valletta Football Club are proud to announce that they have resolved their differences and misunderstandings and are partners once again.

Insignia has renewed the sponsorship agreement and wish Valletta FC the best possible season. “We want to see Valletta FC flourish and win the Premier League again” said Rafael Carrascosa, Managing Director of Insignia Group of Companies.

Alex Fenech, the Valletta FC vice-president is excited about the season at hand and the team are constantly looking to strengthen their squad in order to secure their position as the number one team in local football.

Insignia is extremely happy to be a part of the local football scene and to support Valletta FC and truly believe that sponsorship and sports management can upgrade the level of all sports and football in Malta.

As part of the agreement, Insignia continue to issue Valletta FC Visa Cards to the clubs members and any fans who want to ‘use the card with pride’.  The Card captures the spirit and passion of the club and in turn the club also receives a contribution for each card sold. “It’s a little thing but every bit helps tremendously” says Alex Fenech.