Euro Cup - Valletta 4 Sliema W. 2 Published on: 22-06-2014

The Euro Cup Friendly Tournament, reserved for clubs representing Malta in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, resumed today with the match between Valletta and Sliema W.
Lateef Elford, paved the way for a 4-2 win over Sliema W. with Abdelkarim Nafti and Luke Montebello scoring the other two goals.

Valletta: Manuel Bartolo,Yessous Camilleri, Jonathan Caruana, Sean Bajada,Abdel Karim Nafti, Roderick Briffa, Adrian Zahra, Siraj Arab, Lateef Elford, Lywelyn Cremona.

Scorers: A. Nafti, L. Elford (2), L. Montebello.