ECA Member Clubs discuss future of European Club Football Published on: 30-03-2018

Representatives from 163 member clubs attended the European Club Association’s (ECA) 20th General Assembly, the organisation’s 10-year anniversary event, in Rome, Italy.
The future of European club football
Addressing the members for the first time in his capacity as ECA Chairman, Andrea Agnelli, in the presence of the FIFA and UEFA President respectively, underlined the importance of preserving the game moving forward and shaping the future of European club football jointly with all stakeholders. He emphasised the importance of a balanced international match calendar beyond 2024, including coordinated release periods, the alignment of confederation tournaments and, very importantly, the protection of the main actors, the players.
Andrea Agnelli: “Shaping the future of football means sharing ideas, opinions, proposals but, above all, it means caring about the needs of all stakeholders. We, the clubs, take the entrepreneurial risks of any decision affecting the club game and, therefore, we must be consulted when the time comes for any decision to be taken. Football is in transition, where some fear a revolution and others rely on evolution. Wherever we go, let us not forget that we must preserve “the beautiful game.”
Representatives present  for this Assembly   from Valletta FC were  Président  Mr Victor Sciriha and  Club General Secretary  Joe Attard