Champions secure sponsorship deal with Von der Heyden Group Published on: 09-11-2016

Valletta FC are in favour of removing all restrictions on foreign players in the Maltese Premier League as the pool of homegrown players is too restricted, club president Victor Sciriha said today.
Sciriha made the declaration this afternoon during a news conference in which Valletta unveiled Von Der Heyden Group (VDHG) as one of their new sponsors.
At present, Premier League teams can field up to seven overseas players but Valletta FC are pushing for the freedom to play as many as 11 foreigners.
Alexander Fenech, the vice-president of Valletta FC, revealed that the subject has already been discussed by the Premier Division Standing Committee (PDSC) and there seems to be a consensus among the clubs that the time has come to lift all the quota limits on foreign players.
Fenech said such a move would bring Maltese football in line with FIFA regulations while Sciriha claimed that, with 11 foreigners, clubs like Valletta would have a better chance of advancing in European competitions.
Both Sciriha and Fenech are confident that Valletta’s title defence bid is back on track after the champions endured a difficult spell in October, losing to Floriana and Hibernians and drawing with leaders Balzan and Birkirkara.
Valletta are third in the Premier League table, three points behind Balzan and two adrift of second-placed Hibernians.
“We are confident that Valletta FC will again be among the main title challengers this season,” Sciriha and Fenech said.
On the club’s efforts to attract more sponsors, Sciriha expressed his satisfaction that companies like VDHG and Iniala have chosen to support Valletta FC.
Sciriha added that Valletta want the financial backers to play a more active role in the running of the club and, to this end, sponsors’ representatives are being invited to take part in meetings of the committee.
“We are trying to give added value to our sponsors,” Sciriha said.
“Besides promoting their brands on our team shirts, we also want them to be involved in the running of the club and this is why Mark Weingard (the chairman of Iniala) has been appointed vice-president of the club.
“These people bring new ideas to the club.”
VDHG, who have their offices in Valletta, specialise in the development of class ‘A’ office buildings and hotels in top central and strategic locations in Poland, Germany and Spain.
Spearheaded by German national Sven von der Heyden, who founded the company in 1989, VDHG are in advanced negotiations regarding the operation of various boutique hotels in Malta, including one in Valletta.
Von der Heyden, a self-proclaimed passionate fan of German giants Bayern Munich, said it was natural for VDHG to sponsor Valletta not only because their offices are located in the capital but also because he has fallen in love with the city.
“I love your country, I love your island,” Von der Heyden, who moved his company’s base from the Netherlands to Maltaa few years back, said.
Von der Heyden said he is delighted to see that Valletta’s results have improved lately.
“We hope to help Valletta win the Premier League title again this season,” Von der Heyden said.

Source - Times of Malta