Preview: Day 26 Valletta vs Birkirkara Published on: 24-04-2011

Preview Day 26 Valletta vs Birkirkara

Our first outing as current Champions................who else better to face, other than the former Champions, Birkirkara, Jesmond Zammit said to Valletta ‘Tomorrow's match will be a tough encounter, not only because of the sporty rivalry that has existed between these two clubs for the last decade or so, but also because Birkirkara are looking for maximum possible points from these last three encounters in a desperate attempt to secure a place in Europe next season. But nonetheless, Valletta's ambitions are not yet over. We have three other objectives this season.... the unbeaten league record, a possible treble and a mark able show in Europe. The players are determined to make this a season to remember. We all want to make Mr Sciriha and his fellow committee members so happy after all their hard work and commitment these last years. Valletta is a great Club with fantastic opportunities and a bright future. Just wait and see. There is much more to come for this wonderful society. Our Club has yet to flourish and attain much more, thanks to the big yet sensible investments of the President and the hard working loyal men around him’.
‘Birkirkara are now in desperate need of points and will hence probably field an offensive side tomorrow. They will be deprived of their hard working midfielder, Paul Fenech due to suspension. Shawn Bajada and Joseph Zerafa, could also miss tomorrow's match due to injuries. Nevertheless the former Champions will still give this match their 150 pct for various reasons. Valletta will have to be at their very best tomorrow to ensure that their current 30 undefeated league matches is extended further. Birkirkara, as usual, will not make it easy at all’.
‘On the other side, Valletta will have to do without defenders Ian Azzopardi and Ramon Dos Santos. Anderson Antunes Andrade could also miss this game following a light injury which he has picked up against Marsaxlokk. Notwithstanding this, Valletta are known for having a long string of fabulous and potential players , and will definitely find ways and means of juggling around the situation and field an equally strong team in an attempt to secure all three points at stake.......... hence giving a deserved Easter Monday present to all our beloved supporters’.
‘My last usual word of gratitude goes to them......... all you lillywhite supporters, our twelfth man on the pitch, the topmost reason which has attracted our beloved President to this glorious Club. Thanks so very much for having reduced the fines imposed on the Club this season. This has been highly appreciated by all, especially the Supporters Club who has dedicated so much time and energy to boost the Squad's budget. You mean so much to all of us. This Club is so special because you are great..... The speciality of Maltese Football, the Pride of the Country where support in football is involved. I want to see you all go crazy this last month. You deserve it. You have been behind us all the time, game in, game out also in more difficut times, where perhaps our performances were not matching your expectations’.

‘On behalf of the Players and the Technical staff, I would like to thank you for your persistent support and continuous encouragement. In return, we shall strive to make you even happier, there is more to win until the season halts. And if we maintain this atmosphere and spirit, we shall do it. Just wait and see’.