Preview: Day 08 Valletta vs Floriana Published on: 26-11-2010

Preview Day 08 Valletta vs Floriana

 After three weeks off from competitive football, here we are again ... the eve of facing the club's eternal rivals. the claimants of our beloved lion, the other side of the derby in all senses....... Floriana FC.
Floriana are coming from a very valuable and important win against their other team to beat... Sliema Wanderers. Last weekend, Floriana managed to win all three points which have now seen them maintain a very comfortable position in the table. They have managed to obtain a much sought and deserved victory which has installed in them tremendous courage to face this weekend's match with sheer determination.
'Not that they needed any other injection to prepare for this very much awaited derby in all senses. All encounters against Valletta are normally thoroughly fought (obvioulsy in sportly style) from minute number one to the final whistle. Their current position in the League together with their win against Sliema will make this match a very interesting encounter which could narrow the margins between all the other teams trailing the leading position, and Valletta who are firm in pole position to date. Floriana are expected to have all their players available for this match. Particular importance should be given to the experienced Ivan Woods and their wonder boy Christian Boqli Caruana who are always a menace to any defence together with the latest inclusion of Ryan Darmanin, the latter continues to show extreme sharpness in front of goal whenever he is given the confidence to render his contribution. Their foreign gladiator, Pablo Doffo, is once again expected to be in the starting line up, after his fine performance against the Wanderers'.
'On the other side, much is expected from our beloved benjamins, who for most of the local football lovers, are looked upon to be .... a team of a different dimension from the rest. I have to admit.... so far has been so good for us....... not much that we can complain about anyways. Nevertheless it was not that easy at all for us, and we have at times  been forced to swim in very rough waters.....  in order to obtain our ultimate objectives. Our players have been educated to believe that collecting all three points in any game is not an easy task. To add salt to injury, collecting same would not entitle us to any particular merit or applause.  For teams so hungry for success as is Valletta, than collecting all points would have to be considered as the normal whilst dropping any points will have to be considered as a setback. The fact that points will have to be divided in two after the second round  would mean that we will have to go out and strive to obtain maximum points against all teams. And in case, if any teams should manage to make us drop points, than our suporters will obvioulsy hope, pray and expect that the last team to do so will be Floriana. Once again, Valletta are expected to have all the players, with the exception of International Defender Kenneth Scicluna, available for selection. Not much changes will be expected from our last match. Why change the course of the ship if we're still  heading forcefully towards harbour' Zammit told Valletta
'This is my first taste of the derby. During my first days at the club , I found it hard to understand why supporters would yell at me if I turned up for training wearing anything in green. Since then I have had people looking forward for this particular game as if though this would make us secure our targets. Now I begin to understand that this is a game which supporters at both ends look upto and expect. For me and the coaching staff, to a certain extent,  it is a game like all the rest.... a match from which only the three points will make us happy. But the boys feel the pressure....... not to that extent..... but their desire to win is great because they know that a win against Floriana will inject the Valletta supporters who will continue to  increase in numbers in the games to follow'
Team manager Jesmond Zammit ended by saying 'My usual word of appeal to our supporters. I want to hear the shouting. I want to hear the songs.  I want you to give the game your 150 percent because this is what makes us a special club from all the rest. Our incomparable strength is your ultra colorful support. Give it all that you can... as usual within acceptable parameters, meaning that we should keep the flag of the CITY so high at all times. Tomorrow will be a great day. YOU WAIT AND SEE.  May the best team win.  Fingers crossed, as always....... but common sense will say VALLETTA'