Preview: Day 05 Valletta vs Tarxien R. Published on: 22-10-2010

Day 05 Valletta vs Tarxien R.

"Here we are one week after the big clash against  B'Kara ................  next target  - Tarxien F.C., the team which has always proved to be tough opposition for Valletta. After seeing two points slipping away from our pockets  against the Stripes, there is no way that we can drop any further points at this stage. Our boys have now switched on to  their extra gear to ensure that we give this forthcoming game nothing less than our maximum to ensure that we spend all next week  sole leaders of the premier league table................. the only one place which our beloved club deserves, and will aim for as long as our white colour continues to  shine" said Team Manager Jesmond Zammit

"Tarxien are coming from a defeat in Monday's direct mid table encounter against Qormi. They will obviously approach this game with  an ultra cautious plan, playing their cards right in trying to get something out of it. Their mind will transmit that they have nothing to lose against the ever championship favourites,  but their heart and their ambitions will definitely not compliment this line of thought. Let us not expect any favours from the so called mid table teams. All the teams tend to treat such games with topmost effort . Winning points against top teams makes the lads more popular amongst their friends during the weekend. Tarxien have valid foreigners, now also complimented by the last to be introduced - Daniel Mariano Bueno.  They will be a  hard team to beat tomorrow"

"On the other hand, it seems that we shall have to do without Omonigho Temile who until yesterday was still nursing an injury together with Kenneth Scicluna, whilst later on today it will be decided whether Gilbert will be fit enough to form part of the squad" Zammit told Valletta

"We have to face one game after the other with utmost confidence and determination yet respecting our opponents to the full. If we want to win the league than we have to seek maximum points from each encounter. This will be the sole item on our agenda tomorrow"

Many thanks for your marvellous support................ and whoops....cos I almost forgot......... well done for the way you all cheered the team for 90 minutes last  Friday. You have proved to all present that there are ways and means of having fun enchanting hymns  without exposing our Administration to heavy fines. Very well done and keep it up. Those who need money would better seek elsewhere. 

May we leave Ta' Qali tomorrow  with eleven points. That would make us much happier than we were last weekend.