Gilbert Agius: Sent Packing Published on: 02-10-2010

Gilbert Agius Sent Packing

Though the title sounds alarming, Valletta supporters should not over concern themselves that their beloved captain is parting ways with their Team.  On the contrary, the gentleman proved himself a truly noble and kind personality, when accepting an invitation from Jesmond Zammit, Team Manager to offer assistance to the Dar Tal-Providenza Management.

Upon their arrival at the home, Jesmond and Gilbert were met by Frankie Bonello, resident at the home who greeted them and literally sent Gilly on his way packing!!!  

Jesmond Zammit had been asked by a, forum member and supporter to team up with a couple of friends and colleagues and spend two hours packing diaries in aid of Dar Tal-Providenza. Jesmond obliged and apart from roping in some of his own family members, work colleagues and a couple of supporters; Captain Agius who is presently recovering from and injury, kindly obliged in donating some of his free time and assistance as well.

The group chattered, shared jokes and packed the beauty of 1,280 diaries in two hours and afterwards met Frankie Bonello and Fredu Zahra, residents and friends.  Jesmond had promised Frankie a Valletta shirt similar to the one gifted to Brian Micallef and since Fredu is an avid collector of hats, he was given a Valletta “three cup win” commemorative hat for his collection.

It is to be noted that 165,000 diaries have to be packed in aid of Dar Tal-Providenza.  So far various volunteers from every walk of life have joined the cause and packed an approximate 133,000.  In fact some locations in Malta have already started receiving the diaries at home.  Captain Agius would like to urge any Valletta Supporters who have some free time on their hands to contact Dar Tal-Providenza’s Director Father Martin on 21467925 Email:  and offer their assistance, so this packing exercise can be carried out.