Denni Rocha Dos Santos: Injury Update Published on: 14-12-2010

Denni Rocha Dos Santos Injury Update

Yesterday, Midfielder Denni Rocha Dos Santos suffered a mild concussion following a blow at his head on the 23rd minute against Hibernians. After the match Denni regained consciousness and luckily he did not suffer any serious injures.


This morning he felt some pain in various parts of his body after he fell to the ground but no symptoms of concussion (such as Headaches, dizziness). Dr David Attard said that Denni needs no x-rays to be taken but instructed that he can’t attend training for the following three days. He is to visit the doctor Dr Attard again, on Thursday afternoon. At that time the doctor is to communicate the decision if the player is fit for the next match against Qormi. A special thanks goes to Dr. David Attard for the medical interest he is showing in this case. 

Another medical update will be published
before the next match.

Photo Credits - Stiefnu Debattaista