A Memorable day: for Brian Fenech Published on: 02-01-2011

A Memorable day for Brian Fenech

On Sunday 2nd January Brian received a surprised visit at his mother’s home in Mosta. Brian who is a Valletta FC loyal supporter and possess a collection of all Valletta FC merchandise, expressed his feelings to his mother that he wished a signed shirt by the City’s captain Gilbert Agius to add to his collection, unfortunately his mother did not managed to buy the no. 7 shirt due to the fact that currently it is out of stock. Luckily a few days ago Brian’s mother Mary met Valletta FC midfielder Kevin Sammut and informed him about Brian’s wish. Sammut suggested contacting team manager manager Jesmond Zammit.

The Citizen’s Team Manager however had other plans he informed Mary that Gilbert Agius would visit Brian and present him with a signed No. 7 shirt on Sunday. Brian’s face lit up as he opened the door and saw Gilbert Agius at the doorstep, he had been asking for Gilbert’s shirt for quite a while to include with his collection.

39 year old, Brian Fenech has been following his favourite team since his childhood, he used to come to the Stadium and support Valletta with his uncle. Brian is also a big fan of Gilbert Agius. Currently he is on medication and is receiving treatment on his eye sight.   

Brian was presented with a signed No. 7 shirt and a commemorative scarf of the match between Valletta and St. Patrick’s of Ireland together with other souvenirs by the City's Captain Gilbert Agius.